Ross Memorial Hospital - Kawartha Lakes
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Goals & Objectives

Strategic Direction #1:
To be an exceptional workplace. (People Excellence)


  1. RMH will implement the People Plan to ensure staffing facilitates the delivery of safe, competent and high quality care now and in the future. RMH will continue to develop the leadership succession plan, and will continue to collaborate with LHIN partners with regard to the development of leadership education opportunities.
  2. RMH will continue to advance engagement, teamwork and support new physicians and staff into the organization and into new roles.
  3. RMH in collaboration with medical staff will develop a Physician Resource Plan to ensure a sustainable Hospitalist model.

Strategic Direction #2:
To provide exceptional quality patient care and experiences. (Clinical Excellence)


4.     RMH will develop, implement and report on the 2019/20 Quality Improvement Plan initiatives:
          * Advance appropriate care in the appropriate place
          * Enhance communications and care continuity from hospital to primary care team
          * Provide service excellence and Exceptional Care Together
          * Provide a safe workplace
          * Improve palliative care management
          * Advance integrated care management for patients with addictions and homelessness
          * Improve medication reconciliation
          * Proactively identify and manage patient status change

5.     RMH will continue to engage patients and family members to achieve exceptional care together.

6.     RMH will successfully obtain Accreditation.
          * Accreditation Canada
          * Ontario College of Pharmacists Accreditation

7.     RMH will continue to advance an interprofessional practice model.

8.     RMH will continue to advance senior friendly initiatives as set out by the Seniors Care Network.

9.     RMH will implement non-sedation interventional radiology procedures.

10.   RMH will co-lead and participate in the mock community emergency response preparedness event.

Strategic Direction #3:
To achieve exceptional partnerships and operations. (Operational Excellence)

    11.   RMH will begin the master planning process in collaboration with partners.

    12.   RMH will continue to work with our community partners to pursue opportunities for connecting and coordinating care.

    13.   RMH will continue to advocate for enhanced financial resources.

    14.   RMH will continue to evolve towards a corporate balanced scorecard aligning people, clinical and operational excellence.

    15.   RMH will continue to participate in the regional Clinical Information System (CIS) committees and working groups in preparation for implementation.

    16.   RMH in collaboration with key partners will develop the funding plan to successfully acquire and implement the CIS.

    17.   RMH will improve our landfill diversion rate to 50% by improving our green footprint (food compost, recycling).

    18.   RMH will update the Strategic Energy Management Plan (SEMP) and publicly post it by July 1, 2019.

    19.   RMH will develop and implement an Information Management and Cyber Security Framework as part of our integrated risk management program.