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Health Records

Download the Consent Form to Disclose Personal Information

The following fees apply when requesting the release of information:

Release of Information Schedule of Fees

Central East LHIN Third Party Requests

Basic Search Fee (No patient records found) $150.00
Law Firms/Insurance Companies/Rehab Consultants $200.00 (first 25 pages)
...thereafter $1.00 per page
Criminal Injuries Comp. Board 100.00
Solicitor General/Attorney General $200.00 (first 25 pages)
...thereafter $1.00 per page
Legal Aid $200.00
Public Guardian $0.50 per page
College of Physicians and Surgeons / College of Nurses $0.25 per page
WSIB / Appeals Tribunal $48.15
Hourly Rate for Court Attendance Standard witness fee

Patient Requests

Patients $100.00 (1-25 pages) +
...thereafter $1.00 per page
Time of Birth $100.00
Proof of Birth $50.00
Visit History / Confirmation of Visit $15.00
Hospital / Physician for patient care No charge
Chart viewing with HIM staff $50.00 per ½ hour or portion thereof

Research Fees

Administration Fee $50.00
Charts pulled/viewed $5.00 per chart
Copies $1.00 per page
Charts requested from Outside Storage As charged by vendor
Microfilm In-service $25.00 flat fee
Viewing $5.00 per chart
Copies $1.00 per page
Electronic Access $25.00


CD ROM for diagnostic imaging tests $10.00
Rush Fee (within 72 hours, in addition to fee schedule) $200.00
Courier Costs Requestor responsibility

July 2006 - Discretion (in whether or not to charge in the above cases) may be used depending on the circumstances for which the information is required.

Download Schedule of Fees as a PDF

Please click here to download a Consent to Disclose Personal Health Information form. The form must be completed and faxed to the Health Records office at 705-328-6156.

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