Ross Memorial Hospital - Kawartha Lakes
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MRI Policies

Post-op Policy

All MRI requests that are within 6 weeks of surgery must be approved by the radiologist. Most surgeries are MRI safe but must all be listed on the screening form. There are some contraindicated implanted devices that should not be placed within a magnetic field. To ensure patient safety all implanted devices should be listed on the screening form including the make and model of implant.

Breast Feeding Policy

Patients who require an injection of gadolinium are advised to express and discard breast milk for 24 hours after the examination.

Pregnancy Policy

There have been no reported adverse effects demonstrated in pregnant women or the fetus; however the FDA guidelines suggest that MRI be used during pregnancy only when there are clear medical indications. Requests for an MRI on a pregnant patient will be evaluated by the Radiologist.

Trans-Dermal Medication Patches

Trans-dermal medication patches with a known metal component should be removed prior to the MRI exam. It is important that the ordering physician is aware that the medication patch is being removed so they can instruct their patient when to reapply it.