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Quality and Patient Safety

Patient Safety – You’re your best expert

Everyone at Ross Memorial Hospital is committed to providing the best care we can in a safe manner. We work together as a team and you are an important member of that team.

The hospital has a Patient Safety program in place to identify risks to our patients and then act on them. We encourage you and your family to do the same. Talk to your health care team about what risks could affect you, and learn how to avoid them. Our health care providers are open to your questions and concerns about your care.

Three Big Risks to Safety

Three of the most common risks for patients involve medicines, falls and infections.
You can help lower your risk by following these tips:




Your Healthcare – Be Involved

Understanding Isolation Fact Sheet

Measuring our Patient Safety Performance

To help ensure that we’re delivering the best care, as safely and efficiently as possible, we measure our progress and compare our work to that of other hospitals. This way, we can identify both our strengths and our areas for improvement.

This section of our website is dedicated to providing you with information that will help you to understand how our performance is measured and how we continue to strive for excellence. It highlights our patient safety initiatives and how you can play an important role in your own safety while you're a patient or visiting.

C.difficile (Chart updated monthly) CDifficile Fact Sheet CDifficile Chart
Ventilator Associated Pneumonioa (VAP) (Chart updated quarterly) VAP Fact Sheet VAP Chart
Hand Hygiene (Chart updated annually)  Hand Hygiene Fact Sheet Hand Hygiene Chart
Central Line Infection (CLI) (Chart updated quarterly) CLI Fact Sheet CLI Chart
Surgical Site Infection (SSI) (Chart updated quarterly) SSI Fact Sheet SSI Chart
Surgical Safety Checklist (SSCL) (Chart updated twice annually) SSCL Fact Sheet SSCL Chart
Vancomycin Resistant Enterococci (VRE) (Chart updated quarterly) VRE Fact Sheet VRE Chart
Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus (MRSA) (Chart updated quarterly) MRSA Fact Sheet MRSA Chart

At the Ross Memorial, we also pay close attention to our patients’ access to care. We measure access to care by tracking patient wait times. The links below are updated annually. 

We want you, your family and visitors to have a positive experience while at the Ross Memorial Hospital. To ensure we’re achieving this goal, we measure our patients’ satisfaction.

In order to ensure our patients are getting the care they need when and where they need it, we work in close partnership with other community services. By integrating our programs, we can better serve our patients’ needs.