Ross Memorial Hospital - Kawartha Lakes
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Mental Health Program

Mental Health Inpatient Unit

The 15-bed Mental Health Inpatient Unit is a Schedule 1 adult psychiatry short-term unit that will provide assessment, stabilization and short-term treatment. The secured inpatient unit also features a dining room, group work areas and a private terrace for patients. A multidisciplinary team staffs the Unit, providing nursing care as well as treatment and activity programs.


When a patient is admitted to the Mental Health Inpatient Program, the nursing staff will start an assessment and health history. Patients will be seen by their family doctor and/or a hospitalist, as well as being assigned to a psychiatrist. The psychiatrist will direct the patient’s care. The Mental Health team consists of nursing, family medicine, psychiatry, therapeutic recreation, social work, crisis workers, clerical support, family and other health care providers as needed. They well work in partnership with the patient to establish goals and plan their care.


All patients are encouraged to attend and participate in daily groups. These groups are to help our patients to understand their illness, their medication, offer skill development, leisure and recreation, and healthy lifestyle alternatives.


We would be happy to answer any questions you may have regarding hospitalization. Mental Health providers are bound by law to respect confidentiality, and it may not be appropriate or possible for us to share some information unless your relative allows us to do so.

If you are looking for more information on a specific illness, our team offers a Family Series twice a year. Canadian Mental Health Association, one of our partners, also offers family education.

For more information, please call 705-324-6111, ext. 6067.


Virtual Mental Health Sessions:

Many of Ross Memorial Hospital's mental health programs have moved to phone/virtual options during this challenging time. Our team has heard from existing clients and members of the community about feelings of increasing anxiety during the COVID-19 global pandemic.

Our team has provided online mental health sessions presented by a mental healthcare practitioner. These sessions were one-way (no participation from attendees) and can be viewed below. 

Archived Sessions: