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Annual Report 2018

Cover shown of the 2018 Ross Memorial Hospital Annual Report for 2018

Featured Story: Patient & Family Experience Partners at RMH

RMH Achievements in 2017/18

Dave McNabb of Little Britain first met Respiratory Therapist Tara Smith when he was rushed to the Emergency Department with breathing difficulties in February 2018.

“I was at home and couldn’t breathe,” Dave said. “They got me hooked up to a machine and got me breathing again. Throughout my stay, Tara would stick her head in to see how I was doing.”

When it was time to go home, Dave was referred to the Ross Memorial’s new Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) Clinic. During regular visits, Dave is seen by Internist Dr. Nicolas Croteau and other members of the Respiratory Therapy team, who monitor Dave’s condition and teach him to better manage his health.

“I was a heavy smoker, and stopped ten years ago. The breathing problems are brought on by a number of things.” “They showed me how to use puffers to regulate my breathing, and if there are signs of trouble, I get my butt back in here.”

Before the launch of the COPD Clinic in October 2017, the Respiratory Therapy team would see the same patients readmitted to hospital with COPD complications. By providing an opportunity for patients to visit the outpatient clinic and ask questions of Dr. Croteau and the Respiratory Therapists before symptoms become emergencies, they’re able to avoid frustrating readmissions to hospital. 

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Annual Report 2018

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