Ross Memorial Hospital - Kawartha Lakes
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Paying Your Bill, ATMs and Vending Machines

Pay Your Bill Online

Ross Memorial Hospital is happy to offer its patients the convenience of paying their bills online. To pay your bill online, click the link below (it will open in a new browser tab). Make sure you have your statement with you when completing the payment form.

Please be aware that your privacy will be protected. Our online payment system is safe, secure and confidential, and we do not share your information with other organizations.

This is service is compatible with Internet Explorer 6.0 or better. Users of FireFox, Chrome, Mozilla, Safari, Opera or other browsers may be compatible but are not guaranteed to be able to use this feature.

Pay My Bill Now

Cashier's Office - Pay Your Bill at the Hospital

Patient accounts may be settled upon discharge with the Cashier, who is located at the main entrance of the hospital. The Cashier accepts payment by cash, cheque, interac and credit card.

The Cashier's Office is open Monday to Friday, from 8am to 4pm. You may contact the Cashier by phone at 705-324-6111 ext 4229.

Automated Teller Machine (ATM)

For your convenience, an ATM is located in our main lobby. There is a transaction fee per use; however, $.50 of the fee is donated to the Ross Memorial Hospital Auxiliary. 

Vending Machines

For your convenience, vending machines are located in the Cafeteria, in the Emergency Department, and outside the Laboratory. Cold drink machines are located on all patient floors.

About Room Charges, Co-Payments and Uninsured Medical Items and Services

We will make every effort to place patients in the type of accommodation requested (ward, semi private, private). However, infection control and patient care requirements are our primary considerations.

Complex continuing care is provided for people who have long-term illnesses or disabilities requiring care that is not available at home or in long-term care facilities. A co-payment is charged to patients requiring complex continuing care and who are, more or less, “residents” of the Hospital. This includes some Alternative Level of Care (ALC) patients in a regular acute bed who are awaiting placement in a chronic care hospital/bed or long-term care facility. The co-payment applies once the doctor says the patient no longer requires acute care.

Residents of Ontario with a valid OHIP card whose physician has deemed their ambulance transportation medically necessary are responsible for a land ambulance service co-payment charge of $45.00. If you do not have a valid OHIP card, are not a resident of Ontario, or if your ambulance transportation was deemed not medically necessary, the co-payment charge is $240.00.

Uninsured Medical Items and Services

Charges may be incurred for uninsured items such as crutches, splints, and medical devices. Payment arrangements for these items will be made through the Cashier’s Office in the main lobby. 

Costs associated with medical and surgical procedures that are not covered by OHIP (i.e. elective circumcision, cosmetic surgical procedures) are considered uninsured and payment for these services is your responsibility. Payment of both the Hospital fee and the medical practitioner fee are required in advance of the procedure.

It is your responsibility to check with your insurance provider to determine what hospital insurance coverage you have. It’s important to know that your coverage may vary depending on the type of service for which you are admitted. For example, you may have coverage for acute care, but not rehabilitation. OHIP covers standard ward care for Ontario residents with a valid OHIP card. Patients are responsible for all charges not covered by OHIP or an insurance provider.

If you have additional healthcare insurance for preferred accommodation, you must present proof of such insurance at the time of admission. All outstanding amounts that are not covered by a private plan will be billed to you. For more information, contact the Admitting Department at ext 4240.